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Job deadline Apply by June 26th, 2012   Job salary $9.35 per hour   Job type of library Public   This job is located in Colorado Colorado

Job Description

Job description:
We are changing the way people think about libraries, but our products are still the cornerstone of our operation. You will be in charge of ensuring our books, media and music are out on our shelves, ready to be picked up by our library customers. You will be refreshing displays and making sure the materials are in their correct locations.

Ready to join in a bold opportunity to help us take community library services to an entirely new dynamic realm?

A position you’ll love:
•You take pride in being the logistic champion of the library.
•You have a passion for getting the materials out to our customers as quickly as possible. You are an explorer of efficiencies; you’re always on the move to ensure the product is in the correct location on the branch floor, looks clean and tidy on the shelves and can be easily found.
•Magazines and newspapers are under your control. You make certain the magazines are entered into our system and out on the floor. Newspapers are put out daily and old papers are pulled for recycling.
•You’re the point person to pull the hold list and return expired holds, ensuring our products get into the hands of customers thrilled to have them.
•You are a wizard with understanding and maintaining the material handling system for automatic RFID check-in of materials.
•You keep the self-checkout video dispenser (All-Circ) stocked with the latest and greatest movies.
•You are a genius when it comes to moving materials through the system; you process the daily delivery and get it onto the floor quickly. You can trace items, claim returns and get them to their correct location.
•You are the green monitor of the library; you implement the district’s recycling program.
•You have great ideas to share on district committees.
•You are a lifelong learner, enjoying your journey of professional development.
•You are friendly and warm and help our customer with basic questions about the library.
oYou pitch in to answer phones, explain basic knowledge of library operations, pull items for condition and point out collection gaps to Branch Manager.
•You enjoy being on the move; you will lift, stretch and push with muscles you didn’t even know you had.
•You do the right thing. Every decision you make and action you take is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity.

Description of Community

Why Rangeview Library District? A job with Rangeview Library District is a chance to use your knowledge and experience to enable transformations every day. You will be instrumental in helping our customers have fun, whether they’re sitting by the fireplace with a newspaper, surfing the Internet, gaming in the teen room or learning something new at one of our many intriguing and entertaining programs. As you help and inspire others, you will also be inspired. This job will have you loving Monday mornings again.

We are guided by these shared values:
Compassion for our customers and each other
Passion for our product
Eagerness to learn
Optimistic attitude – we believe that anything is possible

Required Education

  • High School or Equivalent

Other Required/Preferred Skills & Experience

Who you are:
•You are organized, detail-oriented, and keep things in tip-top order.
•You can’t rest until everything is put away; quite simply, you’re a neat freak.
•You insist on knowing where things are.
•You engage well with others and are passionate about providing an exemplary customer experience.
•You’re a team player who thinks quickly on your feet.
•You’re excited about the prospect of growing and learning in a changing environment.
•You inspire fun in the people around you.

Do you have what it takes?
•Are you at least 16 years old?
•Can you pass our skills screening test?
•Do you have basic computer literacy?
•You are an energetic person with a go-get ‘em attitude.

Your job will involve your being “on the move” in our libraries: You will stand, walk, crouch, stoop, squat, twist, climb, push/pull up to 50 pounds, and lift up to 25 pounds.

HR Contact Information

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit the Job Center on our website at

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Deadline: Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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Masters Degree in a Program of Library and Information Science

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June 12th, 2012

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