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Colorado Library Consortium

Job deadline Apply by August 3rd, 2014   Job salary $3,334.00 to $3,667.00 per month   Job type of library Other   This job is located in Colorado Colorado

Job Description

So, maybe you’ve worked in libraries for a few years, and you’re looking for that next challenge. Or maybe you’ve just received that newly-minted MLS diploma and tacked it to the refrigerator, but employment prospects haven’t quite fit or grabbed your attention in that dreamed-after, soul-fulfilling way you hoped…

We might just have the perfect job for you.

Here are some highlights: you would use a variety of technologies, specifically related to an integrated library system and related systems, to support and IMPACT small libraries across Colorado. You would work actively and collaboratively with many of the most passionate, service-oriented library folks you could ever hope to meet, literally sprinkled across this state. Your days would never become routine!

Imagine diverse tasks including (but not limited to):

  • Customer support - answering library staff members’ questions via several systems: phone, email, web, and telepathy (in beta)
  • Training (online and in the field) library staff members in how to use various aspects of an ILS and other diverse topics
  • Assisting libraries with basic cataloging questions and ongoing record cleanup
  • Editing web pages with laser-like accuracy using a content management system.
  • Testing new product releases, replicating and documenting problems, and tackling other system support tasks that might sound boring to your friends but would satiate your inner geek
  • Generating statistical reports that actually mean something to someone
  • Translating what you hear from library staff about desired system improvements into recommendations that actually become acted upon

We’re seeking early-career library evangelists with a yearning for learning and a complete lack of fear about the unfamiliar. This is an entry-level position, perfect for a person who has NOT channeled their career goals to follow some pre-determined path paved with traditional hoop-jumping. Our organization provides a humane and supportive work environment, rich in experiential opportunities for Listeners and Doers and Thinkers and Connectors (preferably a combination).

Description of Community

If you’re a library professional and chomping for an opportunity to see your work impact libraries across Colorado, then consider working at CLiC. Here, the state is your playground. This position operates from our office in Centennial, but involves some travel.

Required Education

  • Bachelor's Degree

Preferred Education

  • Master's Degree

Other Education Credentials

Masters of Library and Information Science from an ALA or NCATE accredited institution – or – Bachelor’s degree plus four or more years of progressive working experience in one or more types of libraries.

Experience (years)

Required Preferred
Supervisor - -
Professional - 2
Library 2 4

Other Required/Preferred Skills & Experience


  • Near-superhuman organizational skills, along with x-ray vision for details.
  • Demonstrable experience communicating and using technology tools. If you dislike listening, talking, writing, interacting with people or using technologies related to communication, this job isn’t a good fit.
  • Ability to provide customer service that consistently exceeds customers’ expectations
  • Knowledge of library technology trends, and a burning desire to stay abreast of those trends
  • MLS/MLIS. If you have a Bachelor’s degree we’ll consider four or more years of progressive working experience in one or more types of libraries as a substitute.
  • Flexibility in dealing with non-life-threatening regular tasks as well as unscheduled assignments, while efficiently meeting a mix of deadlines.

Strongly preferred:

  • Curiosity about the world. Interest in one or more topics not DIRECTLY “library” related (though in some regards, nearly everything in the world can be connected back to a library).
  • Again, attention to detail. Read our application procedure. Read the full job description, too! If you find your professional library background is captured in the words above and in the official description, we’d love to receive your application.

Application Requirements

Please submit a non-form cover letter and a professional resume. If your letter begins with “Dear Hiring Manager,” then you’re already off to a bad start. Please include within your letter an answer to this question: “What is it about library work that fuels your spirit?” Also, tell us about yourself as it relates to this job opportunity. Not all of the places you’ve worked (hello, that’s in your resume…), and not the trite “I’m a hard-working, dependable, enthusiastic, and experienced person who will make a positive contribution to your organization.” If you’re indeed such a person, believe us, we’ll ferret that out.

HR Contact Information

Apply by sending your material to HR Manager Andrea Pettegrew via email: Professional references are not required for initial-stage applicants, but will be required of finalists for the position. Should you have any procedural questions, please address those to the HR Manager via email or call 303-422-1150. Application DEADLINE is 10:52 p.m. Sunday, August 3, 2014.


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Masters Degree in a Program of Library and Information Science


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July 18th, 2014

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