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Job Description

The Cataloging and Collections Maintenance Assistant is a full-time staff position in the Collections and Resource Management Department. The position is responsible for copy cataloging; handling routine catalog maintenance tasks; resolving cataloging problems of varying levels of difficulty; assisting with tasks related to binding, claiming, weeding, and checking in microfiche and print journals; and managing gift books. The position also participates in collection maintenance projects and maintains procedures pertaining to the job.

1. (30%) Responsible for copy cataloging of monographic, serial, government document, audiovisual, and special materials for the Dayton Memorial Library. Reviews and edits catalog records supplied by contract cataloging vendors. Matches vendor-supplied bibliographic and item records against individual books; verifies correctness and appropriateness of information; modifies records as necessary, applying established rules of copy cataloging; uses automated cataloging systems to effectively perform these tasks. Executes bibliographers’ decisions to add or not add gift books to the collection.

2. (30%) Responsible for handling routine catalog maintenance tasks. Sorts and distributes catalog maintenance requests referred from staff; processes withdrawal and relocation requests; updates items, holdings, and bibliographic information in the online catalog; updates library holdings in OCLC WorldCat database as appropriate; supervises the processing of physical materials.

3. (15%) Resolves catalog problems of varying levels of difficulty. Identifies, evaluates and corrects problems affecting the retrieval of bibliographic records in Sierra database; corrects call numbers, bibliographic and holdings information; searches, identifies, modifies, and exports correct OCLC WorldCat records into the Sierra database for missing or incorrect bibliographic and authority records.

4. (15%) Participates in cataloging and catalog maintenance projects such as database cleanup and reclassification projects; assists in or leads project planning and supervision. Documents and maintains procedures pertaining to the job. Assists in supervising and training student assistants in the unit as needed. Receives and distributes library mail and newspapers.

5. (10%) Assists with tasks related to binding, claiming, withdrawing, and checking in microfiche and print journals. Pulls and prepares journals for binding; regularly runs and investigates claims; pulls and processes weeded monographic and serial resources; manages monograph mending; removes library holdings from OCLC WorldCat; maintains accurate journal check-in records; troubleshoots periodicals delivery issues with vendors.

6. Other duties as assigned.

7. Performs related duties necessary to support the Regis and Library missions.

Decision Making: (Level of difficulty or intensity of the mental process and is it routine or non-routine.)

Decisions range from routine to more complex. Incumbent must be able to distinguish between multiple bibliographic records and select the most correct record that matches the materials in hand. Incumbent must be able to prioritize and organize workflow. The incumbent must also be able to assess the abilities of the work study students assigned him/her, assign appropriate tasks, and monitor completeness and accuracy. Using documentation, the incumbent must be able to ascertain the variances in the types of documents being bound and set binding formats and master records appropriately.

Scope of Authority: Financial, program, specific activity (Amount of freedom to establish methods to complete assignments.)

• This position does not have financial authority.

• There is limited authority in scheduling the workflow in the department. Most duties and responsibilities are performed on a daily basis. Some are performed weekly or annually. Workflow is scheduled to allow for optimum use of available time.

• There is great authority in scheduling student worker schedules to allow for optimum use of available time.

• Projects can be initiated by the assistant and discussed with the supervisor. Once approved, the method by which the project is performed is under the authority of the assistant.

• Consults with Collections and Resource Management Librarian, and/or Cataloging Librarian to make cataloging decisions beyond routine copy cataloging and maintenance decisions.

• Sets binding schedules to academic calendars so as to minimize inconvenience to students, faculty and staff.

Communication: (Interpersonal level of communication, e.g., factual, interpretative, motivational.)

• In person/telephone: to answer a question or to provide supervisor with information: supervisor; daily.

• In person: to supervise and train students in the daily process of monographs, serials, and government documents: student; daily.

• In person/telephone: to answer questions related to cataloging and collection maintenance: other departments within the library; daily.

• In person/telephone/campus mail: send out information etc.: campus departments; daily.

• In person/telephone/mail: to inquire about periodicals being sent to bindery: customer-Denver Bookbinding; frequently during binding season.

• Telephone/mail/e-mail: to inquire about periodical/newspaper subscriptions: customer-EBSCO Subscription Services; Weekly except during the beginning of the calendar year when new subscriptions and renewals occur (then frequently.)

Results of Actions: (Impact of results on the department/Regis.)

If errors are made or duties not performed in a timely manner, materials are unavailable to the students, staff, and faculty, causing a loss of integrity in the work each accomplishes. Students and faculty use periodicals heavily and are very dependent on current, accurate information. Inability to access this information leads to great frustration for the student, who must then go to another library. This dissatisfaction jeopardizes the library’s credibility and could cause departmental and institutional embarrassment and the possibility of a student being unable to complete a critical assignment in a timely manner.

Description of Community

Regis University, inspired by its Jesuit Catholic heritage, has been committed to academic excellence, personal development and community engagement since its founding in 1877. Regis provides values-based education at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission: A Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Its motto, “Men and Women in Service of Others,” describes the purpose of Jesuit education: to form men and women who use their knowledge in the unselfish service of others. Regis is composed of five colleges: the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, Regis College, College of Computer & Information Sciences, College of Business & Economics, and Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, which includes the schools of pharmacy, physical therapy and nursing.
Beyond its historic campus in Northwest Denver, there are Regis campuses in Thornton, the Denver Tech Center and in Colorado Springs. Regis currently serves about 10,000 students in online and campus environments and has been ranked as a top school in the Western Region for 20 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report.

Required Education

  • High School or Equivalent

Preferred Education

  • High School or Equivalent

Other Education Credentials




Experience (years)

Required Preferred
Supervisor - -
Professional - -
Library 1 -

Other Required/Preferred Skills & Experience

o One year of library experience.
o Ability to work with highly detailed information in an online environment.
o Strong organizational and problem solving skills.
o Good interpersonal and communication skills.
o Computer experience and ability to work with standard and specialized computer applications.
o Familiarity with a library integrated system, preferably III Sierra.

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Application Requirements

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Masters Degree in a Program of Library and Information Science

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July 26th, 2017

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