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Colorado Library Consortium

Job deadline Apply by August 31st, 2017   Job salary $6,000.00 to $6,917.00 per month   Job type of library Other   This job is located in Colorado Colorado

Job Description

A rare and exceptional opportunity awaits. Not the “you’re at the end of a quest and a glowing treasure beckons” kind of opportunity...

This is real. A tangible point in time when the hard work you’ve put in as a library professional has prepared you FOR THIS moment. You are standing proud, confident in your experience and passion for libraries.

Consider the impact you’ve already made through your career so far; remember the successes (and even failures), and how those experiences have molded you. Think about the countless library patrons you’ve helped. Imagine the communities where your efforts have made a difference. Now, call on ALL those situations and stories, summon your energies, and apply!

Yup. It’s a job opening. At CLiC! Where our reputation for providing five-star service to libraries speaks for itself. Where leadership is a prerequisite, and the challenge is statewide. 

We’re looking for a strong library professional, a person with emotional intelligence and an understanding of their own professional strengths and weaknesses -- and how those qualities might balance with the top leader of the organization and the leadership qualities demonstrated every day by the rest of the CLiC staff.

“So [applicant] you’re a real person! I always thought you were a legendary figure, like unicorns or Giuseppe Verdi.” – Lemony Snicket

Whoa. It may seem like we’re asking a lot. No, we’re NOT seeking a mythical person, nor someone who composes operas.

As Assistant Director at our organization you would influence every aspect of our organization’s diverse services. Mmmm, so much tasty variety! This is a highly interactive role -- promoting library cooperation and serving libraries, who in turn serve Coloradans. In particular, the Assistant Director contributes direction in how CLiC’s continuing education offerings are designed, how CLiC’s outreach and consulting services are conducted, and how those services strengthen the Colorado library community. Please read our official position description for more details.

An effective Assistant Director will have specific knowledge and subject expertise, but also will have solid knowledge in ALL things “library” -- from customer service to technology, from community building to collections -- and everything in between. Are you a library generalist? Have you worked in multiple libraries and types of libraries? You might just be the right fit.

Description of Community

If you’re a library professional with leadership experience and chomping for an opportunity to see your work impact 400+ libraries across Colorado, then consider working at CLiC. Here, the state is your playground. This position operates from our office in Centennial, but involves some travel.

Required Education

  • Master's Degree

Experience (years)

Required Preferred
Supervisor 3 -
Professional 8 -
Library - -

Other Required/Preferred Skills & Experience


• Familiarity with challenges facing many types of libraries.
• Passion about working with diverse individuals: the phenomenal directors and assistant directors and staff members of such libraries. Proven ability to play well with others and share toys.
• Eight or more years of post-MLIS, progressive working experience in one or more types of libraries.
• Three or more years of humane supervisory experience. Proven ability to work hard alongside a diverse mix of staff members AND have fun doing it.
• Evidence of having completed projects that address community or library needs through: outreach, public service, technology, collections or any other library-based activity.
• Bachelor’s degree in either a practical or esoteric subject. Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.
• Demonstrable experience communicating and using technology tools. If you dislike listening, talking, writing, interacting with people or using technologies related to communication, this job isn’t a good fit.
• At least one professional quirk. But something that reassures others you’re not a vampire.


• Multi-type library experience. If you’ve jumped the boundary between different types of libraries, we’re interested.
• Background in marketing and/or public relations -- with an understanding for how stories engage communities and stakeholders.
• Proven project management experience.
• Proven patron service experience.
• Involvement with professional development and continuing education activity at a state and/or national level.
• Curiosity about the world. Interest in one or more topics not DIRECTLY “library” related (though in some regards, nearly everything in the world can be connected back to a library).
• Attention to detail. Read our application procedure. Read the full job description on our website, too! If you find your professional library background is captured in the words above and in the official description, we’d love to receive your application.

Application Requirements

Please submit a non-form cover letter and a professional resume. If your letter begins with “Dear Hiring Manager,” then you’re already off to a bad start. Please include within your letter an answer to this question: “Why do you think THIS is the most exciting time to be working in libraries?” Also, tell us about yourself as it relates to this job opportunity. Not all of the places you’ve worked (hello, that’s in your resume…), and not the trite “I’m a hard-working, dependable, enthusiastic, and experienced person who will make a positive contribution to your organization.” If you’re indeed such a person, believe us, we’ll ferret that out.

HR Contact Information

Apply by sending your material to HR Manager Andrea Pettegrew via email: Professional references are not required for initial-stage applicants, but will be required of finalists for the position. Should you have any procedural questions, please address those to the HR Manager via email or call 303-422-1150. Application DEADLINE is 11:07 a.m. on Thursday, August 31, 2017.


CLiC Website:

Masters Degree in a Program of Library and Information Science


Salary Wage Calculator $6,000.00 to $6,917.00 per month

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July 31st, 2017

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