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City of Columbus / City Building

Job deadline Apply by October 13th, 2017   Job salary $57,024.00 to $79,800.00 per year   Job type of library Public   This job is located in Nebraska Nebraska

Job Description


The Library Director of Columbus Public Library (referred to herein as the "Director") serves as the administrator of the Columbus Public Library in accordance with State of Nebraska Revised Statutes, the employee code of the City of Columbus, and as directed by policies set by and under the authority of the Columbus Public Library Board (referred to herein as “Board”). The Director is responsible for performing professional and administrative duties in planning, developing, implementing and directing public library services.

The Director oversees operation of the Columbus Public Library and the Platte County Bookmobile.  The Director hires and supervises all employees (including an experienced leadership team, support staff, part-time staff, and contracted or seasonal personnel) either directly or through subordinate supervisors.

The Director’s responsibilities fall under several main categories. These include, but are not limited to, library program management, library program procedural development and implementation, board relations, fiscal management, public advocacy, fundraising and grant applications, public service, administrative duties, personnel management, facilities management and development, and other miscellaneous duties.

  1. Library Program Management
  2. Directs and manages the Columbus Public Library and Platte County Bookmobile.
  3. All aspects of these entities are under the direct supervision of the Director.
  4. Many of the duties in this category are discussed in the following paragraphs


  1. Library Procedural Development and Implementation
  2. Develops and implements all policies related to the operation of the library entities created by the Board. Develops and implements all library procedures that are not specifically spelled out by the Board, e.g. circulation procedures, project management etc.


  1. Board and Stakeholder Relations
  2. Maintains an effective and professional working relationship with the Board, Mayor of Columbus, Columbus City Council, City of Columbus Administration, Platte County Supervisors, Columbus Library Foundation Board, Friends of the Library, Columbus Arts Council Board, Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and Business Community, donors, and grant makers.
  3. Reports to the Board at regular meetings on Director’s activities, priorities and future plans, and on other issues related to the operation of the Library.
  4. Provides professional advice to the Board via reports on substantive issues of concern and/or importance
  5. Formulates and recommends policies to the Board
  6. Assists the Board in developing long-range plans that promote and support the library’s mission, goals and strategic direction
  7. Prepares the monthly Board meeting agenda in conjunction with Board President
  8. Ensures that monthly meeting packets (including Director reports, agendas, and background material for agenda items) are distributed to Board members in a timely manner and in accordance with the Nebraska Open Meetings Act
  9. Promptly follows up and reports back to Board regarding concerns and issues raised by the Board
  10. Works with the Library Board and City Administration in the development of the library’s annual budget (also see D. Fiscal Management)


  1. Fiscal Management
  2. Works with the Board and library staff to prepare and presents an annual budget for approval by the Board, City Administration, Mayor, and City Council
  3. Manages library finances within the approved budget and following all City of Columbus purchasing rules and procedures
  4. Approves all orders and invoices prior to Library Board approval for payment pursuant to City of Columbus Finance Department procedures
  5. Supervises the maintains accurate and current financial records
  6. Reports financial status to the Board in a timely and proper manner
  7. Manages all gifts and memorials by acknowledging them, keeping pertinent financial records, and reporting to donors as appropriate
  8. Arranges for Columbus Library Foundation financials to be shared with the City of Columbus Finance Director one month before the City of Columbus’ annual financial audit is conducted
  9. Reports regularly to the Board the status of existing grants and potential grant opportunities


  1. Public Advocacy
  2. Maintains active involvement throughout the City of Columbus, Platte County, and the State of Nebraska to advocate for and promote positive relationships and partnerships
  3. Responds to public concerns in a timely and professional manner
  4. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with local governmental agencies, schools, community organizations and the general public
  5. Utilizes local media to inform public and garner support for library programs and services
  6. Maintains supportive and cooperative relationships with Friends of the Library, Columbus Arts Council, the non-profit community, other Quality of Life partners, and with other supporting organizations
  7. Makes presentations to local elected officials, civic groups, general public and library staff as needed and as opportunities arise
  8. Promotes interest in library programs through publicity, brochures, public contacts, and participates in civic and business groups in the community.


  1. Public Service
  2. Operates library programs under a philosophy of service which puts the needs of users first and responds to those needs in a positive, helpful and friendly manner
  3. Designs services and programs to be accessible to all, including individuals with various types of disabilities
  4. Ensures provision of programming and services that meet the needs of a diverse audience
  5. Monitors changing community needs for library and literacy services


  1. Administrative Duties
  2. Assists Board in the formation of policies that affect library operations
  3. Implements Board adopted policies with consistency and fairness
  4. Directs and supervises current and emerging technology implementation, circulation of physical and digital library holdings and interlibrary loan activities
  5. Serves as the liaison with, and representative of Columbus Public Library’s consortium, the Onelibrary Consortium
  6. Directs and supervises the selection of a collection that meets the needs of a diverse public and that is based on a Board-approved policy
  7. Directs and supervises acquisition, processing and cataloguing of library materials
  8. Facilitates and strengthens staff by leading regular meetings
  9. Leads strategically and builds consensus by clear communication and modeling of professional behavior
  10. Maintains liaison with state, local and other public officials
  11. Serves as a member of various committees, both state and local
  12. Engages in professional development activities as opportunities arise, are directed by the Board, or are required by the Nebraska State Library’s Director Accreditation Standards


  1. Personnel Management
  2. Recruits, employs, supervises and evaluates personnel in compliance with standards and policies approved by the City of Columbus
  3. Arranges for professional development of library personnel
  4. Provides all staff members with a copy of library’s Policies and Procedures
  5. Determines work procedures, prepares work schedules and expedites workflow; studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  6. Ensures that all staff members are regularly evaluated on the basis of an appropriate written job description in accordance with the City of Columbus policies
  7. Enacts and maintains practices that provide clear and frequent communication with staff that includes providing up-to-date information on library activities, individual recognition and motivation, and that maintains a high level of staff morale
  8. Operates in a transparent fashion that fosters trust and respect
  9. Develops and maintains an open and respectful relationship with staff members
  10. Addresses staff concerns in a timely and professional manner
  11. Facilities Management
  12. Assures that library facilities and equipment are maintained properly, and coordinates maintenance and repair activities
  13. Supervises the control of, and is responsible for, all materials and supplies used in the maintenance, construction and repair of library facilities
  14. Identifies and addresses all facility upkeep issues and needs in a timely fashion
  15. Ensures that attractive, safe, clean and comfortable facilities are provided to all patrons and staff
  16. Works with Library Board, City of Columbus Administration, architects, builders, designers, and planners on facility development as necessary
  17. Makes recommendations related to space utilization
  18. Stays aware of requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as they relate to the library’s facilities and makes deficiencies known to the Board and City of Columbus Engineering Department
  19. Other Miscellaneous Duties
  20. Performs other reasonable duties, consistent with the above, as may be directed by the Board or the City of Columbus

Description of Community

Columbus is a city in east central Nebraska, United States. Its population was 22,111 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Platte County. ... For travellers following the north bank of the Platte, the Loup River, with its soft banks and quicksands, represented a major obstacle.Columbus, NE - Columbus, Nebraska Map & Directions - MapQuest

Required Education

  • Master's Degree

Preferred Education

  • Master's Degree

Other Education Credentials

5 years’ experience as director is required

Experience (years)

Required Preferred
Supervisor 5 -
Professional 5 -
Library 5 -

Language Skills

  • Spanish is Not Required

HR Contact Information

Tammy Orender - Human Resources Director


Masters Degree in a Program of Library and Information Science


Salary Wage Calculator $57,024.00 to $79,800.00 per year

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Paid Sick
Vacation/Holiday Leave

Date Posted

September 12th, 2017

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