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Facilities Specialist

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Apply By May 21st, 2019


$40,000.00 to $46,000.00 per Year   Calculate


Denver, CO




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Job Description

Job title: Facilities Specialist – (Part craftsman, Part customer relations, Part fix-it STAT team (Special tools and tactics))

Business Unit: Maintenance  

Pay range: $40,000 - $46,000 DOE.

Job Type:  Full-time; exempt; benefitted

Job description:  

Our spaces are built for people, but just like people, they need attention. You look out for the health and wellness of our buildings. As our customers walk into our facilities, there is an obvious pride in ownership, a building that glows in good health. You take pride to make sure our buildings are gorgeous, clean and in good repair. From the minute our customers enter the parking lot to their last views as they exit the lobby, the building shines.

You manage the vendors and the preventative maintenance schedule to ensure our buildings are in tip-top shape. You are methodical about the repair of your assigned buildings; you walk the floor daily to identify any maintenance issues. You understand your assigned facilities backwards and forwards, down to the creak in the floor.

Ready to join in a bold opportunity to help us take community library services to an entirely new dynamic realm?

Who you are:

  • You are handy, have an optimistic attitude and a love for fixing things
  • You are a well-rounded maintenance guru. You are handy with power and control wiring, plumbing service, drywall repair/paint and landscape tasks.
  • You have an approachable style with people; you listen and take the initiate to meet the district’s needs, and you are good to your word of following up on what you committed.
  • You rely on your experience to get the job done correctly and safely. You also know when to reach out and get help. You know how to prioritize.
  • You are dependable and reliable. You’re excited about the prospect of growing and learning in an environment that is fast paced and dynamic.
  • You work safely and have a clean driving record.
  • You inspire fun in the people around you.

A position you’ll love:

  • You take ownership for your assigned library buildings and take pride in the maintenance thereof.
  • You are organized; there’s a system for how you maintain order of your maintenance closet, tools and supplies. Everything is in its place.
  • You take pride in your ride. You keep it clean and tidy. You take it in for oil changes and other routine maintenance. A real plus if you know your way around a diesel engine.
  • You do your rounds daily on our properties – picking up trash and identifying needs such as landscape issues, security issues, and building enhancements. 
  • You develop positive relationships with our staff/managers and vendors, including landscapers, snow removal, janitorial, alarm and heating/cooling systems vendors. 
  • You are an excellent communicator and collaborator.  You are a quality control liaison for the district facilities.
  • You ensure a clean, safe environment on those snowy Colorado days by checking that our snow removal vendors have met your standards and by taking charge of any touch ups of customer walkways throughout the day.
  • You are the wizard of emergency maintenance, the “stuff happens” fix it person; when the pipes break, roofs leak and bathrooms flood you are the one that will get the call to come save the day.
  • You are an explorer of facilities problems at the branches, are part of the team to respond to any open requests, you follow up on your assigned open items, and have a flexible attitude as building priorities shift.
  • You are a good communicator; you feel comfortable talking to managers and keeping them apprised to the status of your open maintenance ticket items.
  • You are the genius who develops, deploys and maintains preventative maintenance schedules for the following systems/activities of your assigned buildings:
    • Winter prep
    • Summer prep
    • Battery change
    • Replace lighting as needed
    • Painting/patchwork as needed
  • You have a mind for safety. You ensure our buildings are in safe repair and follow safety guidelines as you perform repairs. You know when you should call in a team member to help with heavy lifting or touch repairs at the branch. In addition, being a safe and courteous driver is your priority when driving district vehicles.
  • You lend a hand for maintenance projects as needed.
  • You have great ideas to share on district committees.
  • You do the right thing. Every decision you make and action you take is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity.

We are guided by these shared values:

Compassion for our customers and each other

Passion for our product

Eagerness to learn

Everyone is creative

Optimistic attitude - we believe that anything is possible

Additional Info & Requirements

Your job will involve your being ‘on the move’ in our libraries: You need to stand, walk, crouch, stoop, squat, twist, climb, push/pull up to 150 pounds, and lift up to 100 pounds.

The Community

Why Anythink Libraries?  A job with Anythink is a chance to use your knowledge and experience to enable transformations every day. You will be instrumental in keeping our buildings gorgeous. Our buildings will be warm and inviting and customers will want to make this their home away from home. Your buildings will have you smile with pride. This job will have you loving Monday mornings again.

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HR Info

If you would like to join our team, please visit the Job Center on our website and apply online.

Posted Apr 30, 2019