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Master's Degree

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Job Description

Action Staffing Solutions is seeking a contract Librarian to provide on-site technical support to Bureau of Land Management.

The Contractor shall conduct the following work in support of the BLM Library:

  1. Manage library website and science website.
  • Performed in coordination with and in support of BLM Digital Services Librarian.
  • Develop content and layout for BLM Library website and BLM science website. Content development may include writing copy, managing and uploading files, preparing instructional materials, and researching and developing subject guides.
  • Build pages and add content in designated content management system(s), ensuring Section 508-compliance and maintaining best practices for user experience.
  • Monitor sites for outdated or incorrect information and correct as needed.
  1. Incorporate “born digital” items into the library’s collection.
  • Identify and locate existing electronic publications and document files including, but not limited to: planning/NEPA documents dated 2000 onward; resource surveys and/or reports; technical guides and/or reports; annual and/or progress reports; other BLM national, state, and field office publications; and select publications of BLM partners. Target publications primarily will be those created by BLM, submitted to BLM, or produced under contract to BLM but may include publications of the Department of Interior (DOI), other DOI agencies, and other publishers as determined by BLM Library staff.
  • Manage electronic copies using file management best practices. May require developing workflow processes for file harvesting, naming conventions, and assigning metadata. May require working with BLM Library staff on development and management of an institutional repository or other file management system.
  • Add electronic publications to catalog; may require original or copy cataloging. Cataloging will follow house style and meet RDA standards.
  • Send select electronic publications, which meet criteria established by BLM Library staff, to the library’s digitization vendor for inclusion in the library’s digitized collection and conversion to other file formats. May require developing workflow processes in concert with established digitization operations.
  1. Support digitization operations.
  • Coordinate with BLM librarians, catalogers (contract staff), and digitization vendor.
  • Participate in all aspects of BLM Library’s large-scale digitization effort. Specific tasks may include identifying items to be digitized, prioritizing items and workflow, managing systems used to track project activity, harvesting files, and managing the content management system used to organize digitized items. To date, digitization has focused on print items but will include both print and electronic items going forward.
  • Tasks may also include submitting requests to vendor to edit metadata, updating catalog records, and tracking and returning publications borrowed from other BLM offices for digitization.
  1. Provide reference services to BLM Library customers.
  • Performed in coordination with and in support of BLM Reference Librarian.
  • Provide reference services to internal (BLM) and external customers. Tasks may include document delivery, interlibrary loan requests to DOI Library, literature searches, and preparation of materials for ready reference and library instruction.
  1. Assist BLM librarians with collection development.
  • Performed in coordination with and in support of BLM Librarians.
  • Assist BLM librarians, as needed, with collection development. Tasks may include assessing the collection; suggesting actions to remove/replace outdated materials and fill gaps in subject coverage; and identifying other measures needed to ensure that the collection meets the needs of BLM scientists and managers.

Tasks 1-3 above will be the primary duties of the contract librarian; tasks 4 and 5 may be requested occasionally. The contract librarian is expected to become familiar with BLM Library systems, methods, holdings, and goals. BLM librarians will work with the contract librarian to refine a work plan, including identifying priorities, milestones, and pace. The contract librarian will identify needs (information, resources, supplies, etc.), develop recommendations, and communicate them to library staff and the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The contract librarian will demonstrate the ability to work independently and adjust to changing priorities.

The tasks outlined above may include helping to develop workflows and processes. The contract librarian will document recommendations for any new or revised procedures as well as decisions regarding the approval or rejection of each. The contract librarian also will instruct BLM librarians and contract staff on new processes, systems, and resources developed in the course of the contract librarian’s work.

Monthly reports will be submitted to the COR, with a copy to BLM librarians, showing tasks completed and highlighting accomplishments.

BLM Library will provide computer hardware, software, and access to systems needed to perform the required work. The contract librarian must complete annual systems security training with a passing minimum score required to access BLM computer systems. Initial security training must be completed before the contract librarian reports for duty; subsequent training may be performed during work hours at BLM Library.

SirsiDynix/EOS International’s EOS.Web Enterprise Integrated Library System (ILS) provides the BLM Library’s online catalog of print and electronic collections. 

Internet Archive (IA) is the non-profit organization that provides the scanning of documents into several formats, secure access through frequently used Internet search engines, and an archive for permanent access through an interagency agreement and contract through the Library of Congress FEDLINK Office.

CONTENTdm, a digital collection management software, provides a BLM Library Digital Collection website for access to and display of the Historical Photo collection.

The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative has been selected as BLM Library’s source of best practices for digitization.

BLM Library is a member of OCLC and subscribes to the OCLC Connexion cataloging service for OCLC/MARC cataloging. Access will be provided by BLM Library.

Access to the RDA Toolkit will be provided by BLM Library.

Additional Info & Requirements

  • Master of Library Science degree (MLS or equivalent) completed or in progress, to be completed within one (1) year of hire.
  • Experience providing digital services in a library setting as a primary component of job duties.
  • Experience managing websites, including familiarity with Section 508-compliance and user experience best practices.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide excellent customer service, including interpreting customer needs and offering timely and specific solutions.
  • Familiarity with Drupal.
  • Familiarity with OCLC systems and products including CONTENTdm, Connexion, and WorldCat.
  • Familiarity with large-scale digitization efforts and best practices.
  • Familiarity with establishing and/or maintaining an institutional repository.
  • Experience providing reference services in a library setting.

HR Info

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Posted May 24, 2019