Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

LibraryJobline allows users to create accounts and as part of that process we require your email address and (optionally) additional information that allows us to customize your job ads (for employers) or email notifications (for job seekers).

How We Use Your Information

Your information is never sold, shared, published, or in any other way made public. If you’re an employer, your information is used to post and advertise your open positions. If you’re a job seeker, your information is used to notify you when new jobs are posted.


Like most every site on the Internet, we use cookies that leave a small digital footprint on your computer. Our cookies are strictly for allowing you to stay logged into the site between browser sessions. LibraryJobline does not use cookies for tracking or marketing purposes.

Managing Your Account

If you have a LibraryJobline account you may delete it at any time by logging in and accessing your profile or by emailing us at If you’re a job seeker who gets new job notifications you can delete your account by clicking the “unsubscribe” link that’s included in every message we send you.

Get in Touch

Unlike most places on the internet, at LibraryJobline you can talk to a real, live, breathing human being! If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the service please get in touch with as at