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Library Programmer

Lone Cone Library District

Norwood, CO

Application Deadline

Apply By May 15th, 2022


$15.00 to $18.00 per Hour   Calculate


Norwood, CO


Not Specified


Not Required

Minimum Education

High School (or Equivalent)

Library Experience


Supervisory Experience

Not Required

Type of Library



This job is more than 3 weeks old or the application deadline has passed.

Job Description

Are you looking for a dull, 9-5 job where you stare mindlessly at a computer screen all day? Well, unfortunately we don’t have any of those positions open. What we do have is an exciting, yet non-life threatening, position for people looking for that soul-fulfilling career move into library programming. Yes, that's right, the Lone Cone Library is looking for a Library Programmer to meet all of our evolving library programming needs. Ideally, this means someone enthusiastic and outgoing who likes people. There is some other stuff too, but the liking people bit (especially kids) is something of a deal breaker, unfortunately. Rewarding work, supportive coworkers, professional development opportunities, and a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance awaits our new programmer. Associates degree or higher preferred, minimum of high school diploma or GED required. Interested? https://www.loneconelibrary.org/library-programmer-position-open/


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Posted Apr 19, 2022