Library Director

Norwood Public Library

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Apply By Feb 5th, 2010


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Norwood, CO





Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Library Experience


Supervisory Experience


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Job Description

The Library Director is subject to the administrative supervision of the Library Board of Trustees, and is responsible for the development and implementation of the annual Library budget. The Director recommends and implements policies and establishes priorites for the library; participates in long range operational planning and assists in evaluating the library's effectiveness in meeting goals and objectives. The Library Director must exercise professional skills, leadership, initiative, communication skills and independent judgement. The position requires considerable contact with public officials, professional and civic leaders and the general public. The Library Director is responsible for organizing and overseeing the Summer Reading Program and story time, providing library services to the Norwood Public Library District and attending all meetings of the Board. Serves as a liaison to other library organizations, such as Friends of the Library. These responsiblilities are divided into six principal areas. Library Administration and Personnel Finance Programming Collection Development and Maintenance Public Relations Library Cooperative Experience: Proven background of balancing and leading a team, working under direction of a board and exercising independent initiative. Two years minimum experience in management and supervision. Working knowledge of computer systems and word processing, knowledge of Overdrive would be helpful. Experience with budget development and implementation. Has experience in solicitation of available public and private grants and donations. Desired: previous work in library, thorough knowledge of principles and practices of modern librarianship and of library administration. Skills and Abilities: Requires good verbal communication, listening skills and problem solving skills. Reads, writes, speaks, and understands English. Ability to respond appropriately to vision and long range plan of a Board of Trustees; ability to provide information necessary for Trustess to make sound decisions. Ability to plan, direct and coordinate the activities of others, work well with the community and staff, and make sound and independent decisions. Ability to multitask, handle complex and detailed work, delegate responsibilities to staff, and follow tasks through to completion despite frequent interruption. The ability to funciton well under flexible and changing conditions, use computers and other library equipment. Willingness to travel in order to further education or represent the library. In addition, we desire someone who loves books of many differnt genres, is able to interact with love and patience of children of all ages.

Additional Info & Requirements

A cover letter to the Library Board of Trustees describing why you want to work at the Norwood Public Library should accompany resume. Send your resume and cover letter to The Board of Trustees, 1110 Lucerne, Norwood, CO 81423

The Community

Come join a dynamic team of individuals committed to providing superior service as a community of 1200+ in Norwood, Colorado.
Posted Nov 12, 2009