Librarian/Media instructor

Highline Academy

K-8 Charter School

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Denver, CO




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The Community

Mission Highline Academy is a small K-8 liberal arts public school designed to educate Denver’s diverse student population. We graduate individuals well-prepared for success in academic and civic life. Our school provides a unique integration of a rigorous, content-rich Core Knowledge curriculum with a strong focus on character education and multicultural awareness. We establish and maintain high standards for all students, providing them equitable access to the tools they need to reach their individual potential. Program Overview To achieve our mission, we offer an extended, 7.5-hour school day consisting of the following key components: Core Knowledge: We draw from the Core Knowledge scope and sequence as the foundation for our language arts, science and social studies curricula. Teachers build on this foundation through curricula that reflects the diversity of our student body and the school’s commitment to developing higher order thinking skills. Ability Grouping: We meet all students at their individual levels through flexible ability grouping in the core subjects of literacy and math. This ensures that we effectively challenge our accelerated learners by providing them with advanced instruction and also prevents struggling learners from falling through the cracks. Integrated Curriculum: We offer an integrated curriculum in which art, science and social studies are considered rigorous disciplines. Our curriculum is integrated across disciplines so that students gain in-depth knowledge and perspective. Liberal Arts: Students receive formal instruction in Spanish, art, music and fitness so that they are well positioned to pursue individual interests in future years. REACH: We actively prepare students to succeed in the environments that await them—in college, in the work place, and in community life—by teaching them about responsibility, empowerment, aspiration, citizenship, and honesty, the five key components of our REACH program. Student Leadership: We encourage students to take a leadership role in creating a productive learning environment. Students participate in building the school’s culture, developing service projects, and leading community-based activities. Multi-cultural Awareness: True to our mission of serving a diverse student population, we are developing a school community that models and encourages multicultural awareness. Highline Academy is located in the diverse community of southeast Denver. Our school population reflects the diversity of our wider community: more than 50% of our students are students of color or of other nationalities. They come from six continents and over thirty-five countries.

HR Info

• Librarian/Media Instructor: Must have previous library experience and instructional background. Hiring now! We are seeking individuals who possess the following qualities: • Mission alignment: Belief in our mission and in the perspective that education should prepare a diverse group of students for further academic accomplishments as well for professional and civic success. • Pedagogical alignment: Belief that core academic instruction combined with hands-on learning opportunities is a powerful way to educate students. • Entrepreneurial spirit: Openness to change and willingness to problem-solve and develop new ideas. • Collaborative & interpersonal skills: Ability to relate respectfully to a diverse group of people and commitment to building a collegial and productive work environment. • Drive for excellence: Hard-working, self-starter who takes initiative and is committed to learning and self-improvement. • Qualifications: No Child Left Behind (NCLB) compliant. Previous teaching and/or administrative experience. Strong classroom management and organizational skills. Urban school experience preferred. Certification required.

Posted Apr 10, 2007