Research Librarian - General Professional III

Department of Natural Resources

Division of Wildlife

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Apply By Jan 4th, 2008


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Fort Collins, CO





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Not Specified

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Job Description

This position administers and oversees all aspects of the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) research library functions. Functions includes acquiring, cataloging, and shelving traditional library materials such as books, technical professional journals, popular magazines, CDOW publications, reports, documents of public record, and other publications pertinent to the conservation and management of wildlife in Colorado. Library assets are routinely catalogued into a standardized library system electronic database to provide inventory control and accounting of library materials disseminated to CDOW employees. The library routinely acquires publications in response to CDOW employee requests and disseminates publications in hard- or e-copy formats to employees. The library also provides or exchanges publications with other State and Federal conservation agencies, university libraries nationwide, and many libraries within Colorado through inter-library loan services and cooperation. The library system adheres to operating standards of professional library science.

Additional Info & Requirements

This position is located in the Mammals Research Section of the Division of Wildlife. The Mammals Research Section conducts rigorous scientific based original research deemed valuable to the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) to enhance the management and conservation of mammalian species of wildlife in Colorado. This section may address critical ecological concerns about species and/or develop new methods, techniques, or systems to assess, maintain, enhance, and monitor the status of Colorado’s wild mammals. The section synthesizes existing information, produces new information/knowledge, interprets information, and facilitates integrating information into agency programs and decisions that affect hunted, non-hunted, and threatened and endangered mammals. To facilitate the dissemination and retrieval of technical scientific information, the CDOW has maintained a research library since the 1960s. This library function has been primarily administered through the Mammals Research Section. The library serves the needs of the four (4) CDOW research groups consisting of Aquatic, Avian, Mammals, and Wildlife Health, as well as serves the technical needs of the entire CDOW through web-, e-mail -, and mail-based services to find, retrieve, catalog, and disseminate information pertinent to the conservation and management of fish and wildlife species in Colorado.

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Posted Dec 19, 2007