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Job Description

Position works directly with offenders in a state correctional facility.  

Primary job duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • The position is responsible for providing library services to adult offenders of diverse physical and mental abilities;
  • Answer patron requests for information, determine where to locate the desired information and execute a search. Provide reader's advisory service to offenders and staff. Provide instruction to offenders on information literacy and library skills. Receive requests, prepare orders, and deliver materials to offenders in segregation/diagnostic units who cannot visit the library. Inform patrons about availability of interlibrary loans; screen requests for appropriateness; instruct patrons in loan procedures; search incoming books from other libraries for contraband;
  • Perform library computer functions: use the library's integrated library system, utilize the Internet to respond to information requests, and communicate via email. Train offender clerks in the operation of the cataloging, circulation and statistical reporting functions, supervising and assisting them with these operations when necessary. Catalog and classify library materials using copy catalog process;
  • Position also hires, trains and supervises offenders who work in the library. This will include: work planning, monitoring, evaluating and providing feedback. These duties also include assigning tasks, directing work flow, scheduling work and establishing work standards;
  • Compose and distribute monthly narrative and statistical reports. Perform support/clerical duties as assigned;
  • Determine supplies to be ordered, prepare requisitions, place orders;
  • Recommend materials to be ordered and verify vendor's physical inventory. Check in orders upon receipt and submit receiving reports and other paperwork as required;
  • Supervise the processing and shelving of new materials;
  • Work with Regional Librarian and Programs Manager to monitor the library budget;
  • Read and adhere to all CDOC Administrative Regulations and facility adjustment sheets;
  • Monitor behavior of offender patrons, enforce security regulations and library rules, eject problem patrons, write reports on rule infractions, and resolve conflicts between offenders.

Additional Info & Requirements


Minimum Qualifications

Three (3) years of *general clerical* experience which MUST include providing direct information/ customer service to the general public in an administrative or office support role demonstrating high level decision making and multitasking. (Experience must be clearly described within the work experience section of your application in order to receive credit. Part-time experience will be prorated.)

**General clerical duties may include: the accurate and timely completion and processing of documents and information electronically; scheduling; accepting reservations or accepting registrations; reception and intake; record keeping and maintenance; meeting arrangements; document creation, word processing; gathering, coding, computing, entering, verifying, and reporting data and information; ordering, issuing, and inventorying items; information release; screening documents and supporting information to determine eligibility, authenticity, or identity.
NOTE: Retail, food service or call center customer service is not in an office support environment and will not be given credit toward the minimum requirements.

Education from a nationally accredited college or university with course work toward a degree or certification in library technology or information science will substitute for the required experience on a year-for-year basis. (transcripts must be scanned, uploaded and attached to your application in order to receive credit and if you wish to be considered for this position)


  • Ability to work directly with offenders in a prison environment;
  • Exceptional interpersonal/customer service skills;
  • Ability to train/instruct others;
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel and Word: must have the ability to create, edit and manipulate data;
  • Ability to correspond and share documents via e-mail;
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to read and comprehend the English language;
  • Ability to effectively communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to read and comprehend the English language;
  • Ability to effectively communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing.

Preferred Qualifications  (Candidates may receive higher ratings for possessing any preferred qualifications criteria).

  • Knowledge of library services;
  • Experience using an integrated library system (ILS);
  • Experience selecting, processing, shelving, and/or maintaining library materials;
  • Experience working with a diverse population.

Conditions of Employment
All job offers are contingent upon a successful medical screening by a healthcare professional, certifying candidate's ability to perform the essential functions of the position, completed at the applicant's own expense.  Applicant must consent to hold harmless CDOC and its agents and staff from any liability arising in whole or in part from the testing and the use of this information in connection with CDOC's consideration of application for employment.

  • Must be 21 years of age;
  • Possess a valid Driver's License;
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GED;
  • Have NO felony convictions, to include any actions defined in 5 U.S.C. 301; U.S.C. 509, 510; 42 U.S.C. 15601-15609. The CDOC shall not hire nor promote anyone who may have contact with an offender who has engaged in sexual abuse which includes acts, activity, and sexual behavior,  in a prison or other institution as defined in 42 U.S.C. 1997; or has been convicted of engaging or attempting to engage in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force or coercion, or if the victim did not consent or was unable to consent or refuse, or has been civilly or administratively adjudicated to have engaged in the activity described in the above paragraph. The agency shall consider any incidents of sexual harassment in determining whether to hire anyone who may have contact with offenders or residents.
  • Successfully pass all modules of the Colorado Department of Corrections Basic Training, to include English reading comprehension, relevant competency assessments and written/practical exams in Defensive Tactics;
  • Possess the physical ability to successfully complete Defensive Tactics;
    • Lift arms above head and kick as high as own waist;
    • Stabilize another person to accomplish a controlled take down;
    • Use arms, palms of hands, shins, and feet to deliver blows;
    • Withstand impact (slow speed or with a safety bag) on own body from strikes/blows;
    • Swing a baton in a striking technique;
    • Rotate body 90 degrees with feet planted for striking with foot or using a defensive tactic;
    • Get down on one or both knees and up again with multiple repetitions;
  • Positions that have direct contact with offenders may be exposed to Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Must be able to see and hear in order to observe, address and respond to potential breeches in safety and security
  • Seize, hold, control or subdue violent or assaultive persons and defend oneself or others to prevent injury;
  • Demonstrate body agility, strength of all four limbs and the ability to walk and climb stairs consistently;
  • Work in situations involving assaultive behavior, physical control of another person and/or restraint situations;
  • Deal with individuals with a range of moods and behaviors, utilizing tactfulness and a congenial, personable manner;
  • Work with people of the opposite sex, diverse racial ethnic groups, mentally ill and emotionally disturbed offenders;
  • Communicate by talking, listening and/or signaling people to convey or exchange information, assignments;
  • Work in an environment with fluctuating noise and temperature (hot and cold) which may include working outdoors in inclement weather and/or concrete floor/wall work settings;
  • Willing and able to travel;
  • Willing and able to work various shifts, days, afternoons, graveyards (nights) which includes a rotating shift schedule;
  • TB (tuberculosis) screening is required of all new employees upon hire.

Successful completion of a background investigation is required. Should applicant's background reveal criminal charges, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide the Department of Corrections with written/official disposition of any charges.

We are committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free work environment, and our employees are expected to comply with all state and federal laws.  A pre-employment drug test will be administered at any part of the selection process, and applicants who test positive for any controlled substances, including marijuana, will be disqualified from consideration.  Random drug screening will occur throughout employment.

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HR Info

HOW TO APPLY: Thank you for your interest. Submit an on-line application by clicking the link above or submit a State of Colorado Application for Announced Vacancy and all supplemental questions according to the instructions provided below. Failure to submit a complete and timely application may result in the rejection of your application. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that application materials are received by the appropriate Human Resources office before the closing date and time listed. 

The Colorado Dept. of Corrections has a special application that can only be submitted through this online method on CO-Jobs. If you cannot submit an online application you must contact Rafa Smith before the closing date. 


Posted Jun 13, 2019