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City of Fort Lupton

Public and School

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Apply By Jun 28th, 2021


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Fort Lupton, CO





Minimum Education

Master's Degree

Library Experience


Supervisory Experience


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Job Description

The Fort Lupton Public and High School Library is seeking a new Library Director.

Our Library is uniquely situated, in that it is both a public and school library.  Our library is a member (not branch) library of the High Plains Library District. 

We are proud of our small, tight-knit community.  It is diverse ethnically, politically and economically and across generations.  We seek a leader than can work effectively and comfortably among the many communities that it serves. 

In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities associated with this position, we are looking for someone who is ready to tackle some significant projects in the years to come:

·       Carry forward the process of evaluating the possibility of acquiring land and constructing a new library for a growing and changing community.  Relevant experience would include experience with construction and the ability to broker and coordinate work among multiple entities.

·       Coordinating the providing of services to both the community at large and the City’s high school.

·       Working with the High Plains Library District as a member library to optimize the delivery of services.

We are looking for a Library Director who will

·       Have an unwavering focus on the Library’s patrons, both in terms of meeting their needs and desires, as well as providing exemplary service

·       Embrace the Library being a center for the Fort Lupton community

·       Continue the tradition of the Library being a welcoming, supportive and inviting place for all

·       Catch the vision of the City, community and school

·       Embrace technology, as well as understand its impacts and limitations

·       Be creative with resources and employ them to the greatest extent possible

·       Lead employees and continue to grow an incredible team of highly committed and individualized staff

The formalized job description follows.  To apply, please apply via our website,


To plan and implement the best possible library services to the Fort Lupton community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction and review of the City Administrator and with the advisement of City Council, the School District Board and the Library Board, develops, implements and supports the joint library philosophy and directs a program of library services for the residents of Fort Lupton and the Re8 School District.  Specific Director duties include:

Leadership. To be a public presence for the Library and a partner in community projects, inspiring community support through active involvement in community organizations and activities.  Promotes the library within the community and the district.
Advocate:   Upholds the patron’s rights embodied in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, the Colorado Confidentiality Law and the Library Bill of Rights.  Upholds copyright and anti-discrimination and bias-free laws and regulations.
Planning: To lead a planning process to establish the mission, goals, and objectives of the Library.
Policy Development: To develop policies that pertain to all aspects of Library operations and are in the interest of exemplary service to the public.
Policy Implementation: To implement policies with fairness and consistency.
Informational Services:  To provide access to information, resources and assistance that are relevant and meaningful to the community at large 
Program Development: To direct the development and implementation of a variety of contemporary services that meet the diverse needs of public audiences in a friendly and helpful setting.
Collection Development: To grow and make easily accessible a first-class collection of online, print and non-print media that encompasses the ethnic and cultural diversity of the communities served by the Library and that represents a wide variety of viewpoints.
Staffing: To build an organizational culture of service and commitment through selection and development of staff.
Finance: To formulate and administer an annual budget, implement investment strategies, and be accountable to the taxpayers' trust through regular reports to the public.
Communications and Marketing: To learn the service needs of the public and district to provide frequent and on-going information to the public and staff regarding Library services and operation.
Facilities: To maintain attractive, safe, comfortable, and convenient buildings to serve the public, in coordination with the City and School District.
Technology: To provide up-to-date software, equipment, training and support for the public and the staff.
Professional Involvement: To engage the Library in cooperative activities with other libraries and participate in activities of the State Library.   Keeps informed about the progress and developments in the field of Library and Information Management by active participation in library organizations, local, state and national.
Liaison Serves as a liaison to the Library Board, school administration and school board, city administration and city council and to the High Plains Library District.
Legislative Involvement: To actively engage in advocacy for libraries at all levels of government – local, county, state, and federal.
Board Meetings and Reports: To prepare the agenda for each Library Board meeting, present a monthly report of library activities to the Library Board, and submit an annual report to High Plains Library District for inclusion in the State Library and appropriate local governments.
Other: To be responsible for any other reasonable duties, consistent with the foregoing, as may be prescribed by the City Administrator.

Qualifications and Requirements


  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrates strong human-relations skills.
  • Has the ability to successfully work with both ethnically, economically and politically diverse community entities.
  • Demonstrates a spirit of unrestricted exchange of information and materials among all users within and without the district.
  • Demonstrates an openness and commitment to selecting important emerging information technologies for improving information management and delivery.


  • Master’s degree in Library and Information Management (MLS) from an ALA accredited program.


  • Five years progressively responsible experience in professional library work with two plus years in a supervisory capacity.
  • Experience in libraries serving small to moderately sized populations.
  • Bilingual skills desired.


  • Residence in High Plains Library District preferred.


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